Gujarat Man Opens ‘Cat Garden’ For 200 Cats. It Has AC Rooms, Mini Theatre

Gujarat Man Opens ‘Cat Garden’ For 200 Cats. It Has AC Rooms, Mini Theatre

A Gujarat-based man, Upendra Goswami, has established a home for cats named ”Cat Garden” spread across an area of 500 square yards.
Goswami, a custom house agent living in Gandhidham city in Kutch, established the ”Cat Garden” in 2017, which has over 200 cats now. He dedicated the cat house to his late sister who died in 1994.

“We celebrate the birthday of my late sister every year. Once a cat entered our house and ate her birthday cake (this was after she had passed away). Since then, it has been staying with us. We believe that it is our sister who is staying with us in the form of the cat,” he said.

He further stated that his family started raising many cats since then and it was in 2017 that he established a cat house for them.

The cats raised in the cat house are provided with all facilities. “We have four AC rooms here and 16 cottages along with 12 beds. There are showers and a mini theatre where the cats watch animal related shows in the evening. They are given food three times a day and we ensure to provide them with best brands of cat food,” said Goswami.

He added that regular veterinary checkups are done for cats and Ahmedabad Jivdaya Charitable Trust supports them in their endeavour. “These cats are a part of our family and we make sure to take proper care of them,” he stated.

Goswami’s wife is a school principal and also helps her husband in taking care of the cat house. The couple bear 90 per cent expenses of ₹ 1.5 lakhs required per month for the maintenance of the cat house themselves.

‘Cat Garden” is opened for visitors four hours every Sunday with a minimal entry fees. Goswami attributes success in his professional life to the cat house.